Yes that’s right, I got my first ever big life changing promotion. My new title goes as Chief Diaper Changing Officer and Proud daddy. I know it is quite a mouthful but i am super excited to get into my new role.

You read, watch youtube videos and get unsolicited…

Problem statement

Save cost on our on-demand EC2 instances by shutting them down based on a schedule defined within a tag.

Solution description

The solution can be found on my Github repo.

We came up with the following tag format to help us shutdown our EC2 instances. As each EC2 instance runs specific applications…

Stepping into the realm of Chaos engineering

We were inspired by the Chaos engineering activities that were done by Netflix and wanted to test out of platform here at to see how resilient we were on random failures.

As a famous quote from the book Release It! Design and Deploy Production-ready Software by Michael T. Nygard;

People say parents are the closest we get to seeing God while we are alive. For me though, that has been my sister.

We are just four years apart yet she was more than a sister all the time watching over me.

When my father had to retire early due…


I work as a principal software engineer here at and this is my take on the amazing platform we have built and continue to improve upon as a team.

We help patients, hospitals, clinical research firms across the globe with our innovative way of planning and executing your e-consenting…


By now you probably know I love anything Kubernetes and so does our company As part of our continuous improvements to our overall CI/CD process, we strive to make it more streamlined and self-correcting.

One missing piece to the puzzle was the ability to validate Kubernetes files. YAML is…

On this post, I am going to focus on how we achieved zero downtime with our deployments on Kubernetes utilising rolling updates.

At Track.Health, we run our platform on AWS EKS and all our components are run as Kubernetes deployments. When we started out, the deployment process was as follows;

Problem statement

Yesterday, I had the need of querying a map data structure we store on Mongo without having to do the filtering in-memory post load. A sample data-structure looked as follows;

"_id": ObjectId("5f0c07a36aea9125527d80f1"),

What I wanted was the ability to…

At Track.Health we run our platform on an AWS EKS cluster. Up until now, we were using AWS credential files within our micro-services to access other AWS services(S3 for example).

Knowing it is a bad practice to keep credentials with the source code, I explored a few alternatives. …

Remember this guy? If not, well then you have not had the privilege of watching the Heroes tv series which aired a few years back. It did go downhill after the first couple of seasons though.

Sylar was a character who used to murder people with powers and take their…

Dinuka Arseculeratne

A coding geek, gamer, guitarist and a disciple of Christ Jesus. That would be me in a nutshell!

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